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HILLS NEWSPAPERS: April 12, 2013

I flew to McAllen, Texas, last month with one goal in mind. I wanted to see a Vermilion Flycatcher. A folded-up photo I’d cut from a bird book was packed inside my bag, next to binoculars, a hat and a five-pocket vest.

McAllen, to birders, is like the Serengeti to safari lovers. It’s a bucket-list destination with nine World Birding Centers in a major migration corridor in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. (more…)

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Perched on a mountain top in Georgia, Ginny talks with instructors at the number one hang gliding school in America.

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Ginny and two ESPN bass fishing pros share tips and tall tales on the Tennessee River.

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Ginny and her guides take you over the waves and through the caves as they skirt Anacapa Island.

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Kayaking in Iceland

Ginny and her guide paddle past puffins and all manner of sea life on this kayaking adventure of the coast of Iceland.

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Caving in Oregon

Ginny descends deep into the earth with nothing but a flashlight and recorder. What else lurks in this dank, underground world?

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