Happy Wanderer: Early fall is perfect time to visit Quebec

Mercurynews.com: August 28, 2015

The daffodil-colored cottage sat just beyond the road, perched on a knoll and surrounded by grazing sheep.”Bonjour,” said the woman with the brightly colored apron as if welcoming dear friends. Her kind words entwined with the heady aroma of fresh bread as she showed us to a checker-cloth table near the window. Monet may have painted this scene, were he alive today.
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Happy Wanderer: Central Coast includes stewardship with vacations

photoMERCURYNEWS.COM: July 9, 2016

From my lookout over the San Simeon coast, the elephant seals looked like cigars — their long, brown bodies splayed side-by-side on the beach below. I strained to see past the blubber and protruding proboscises for a green scar on the neck of one male — a mammal called “Green Tie” because of the mark left from a deeply embedded packing strap. Continue reading

Happy Wanderer: Cuba remains charming trip back to 1950s

http://christopherpbaker.com/CONTRACOSTATIMES.COM: July 3, 2015

To quote a lyric from Johnny Cash, Cuba is suddenly “hotter than a pepper sprout” on the world travel stage with U.S. travel to Cuba jumping 39 percent this year. But is this island — frozen in time for more than five decades — a must-see destination? Christopher P. Baker, who helped found the Bay Area Travel Writers (www.batw.org) in the mid-1980s, is the premier authority on tourism to Cuba. “Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro’s Cuba,” is one of six books and dozens of articles Baker has penned on the island nation. Continue reading