HILLS NEWSPAPERS: August 51, 2014

As a traveler, there are many ways to connect with the people and places you visit. There are museums and cultural tours and even immersions where you stay with local families. But writers have another way to survey the landscape and find out what makes a town tick — the local pubs. Continue Reading »

MONTCLARION: August 8, 2014

Not many people are named after a pizza. But in the early 1990s, my friend and her husband named their newborn Zachary. It seemed like a no-brainer, being both a popular baby name and the couples’ favorite Rockridge pizzeria, Zachary’s. Continue Reading »

MONTCLARION: August 1, 2014

It’s been a long time since I’ve checked out Lake Merritt at night. I really need to get out more.

The change is impressive. There are cafés and people everywhere – a beautiful blend of humanity coming together to celebrate the near-perfect weather in Oakland. Continue Reading »

MONTCLARION: July 25, 2014

For whatever reason, the culinary wave that’s been washing over Oakland has largely missed Montclair. Could that be changing? Continue Reading »



Airport parking. It’s one of those things that sends blood pressure – and travel budgets – soaring. It’s also big business for airports like SFO, where parking brings in as much as $118 million in annual revenue. But unless you like donating to the cause (to the tune of $14-$45 a day) consider a Park, Sleep and Fly package.

Continue Reading »

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MERCURYNEWS.COM: June 27, 2014

Sundance, Cannes, Toronto. There are more than 3,000 film festivals in the world, but only one has a backdrop like this. The Maui Film Festival must be what heaven is like for cinema buffs. Continue Reading »

MONTCLARION: June 27, 2014

This is the tale of two Oakland entrepreneurs. Both are millennials — young, bold and determined to make a difference. Continue Reading »


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