New Mayor has 4 legs to stand on

THE “MAYOR” of Montclair is an animal, and believe me, that’s a compliment.

The pug Percy was given the nod in a mock election last week at Crogan’s, and the Village people have spoken.

Looking back, though, I do wonder about his qualifications. Was Percy, indeed, the best beast for the job? After all, the Montclair Antique’s mascot has been sighted (you notice I didn’t say cited) watering the landscape on more than one occasion. A victimless crime, you say? Not if you’re the poor defenseless plant.

Reader’s forum

My piece on the hills motorist who found a nasty note on her SUV has precipitated yet another response. Reader S. Friedlander says, “T’wer me, I would ask the people who were leaving notes on her SUV to say: ‘Please leave it at home and take the bus or walk, or even take your bike — but try to use your car as little as possible.'”

Friedlander says it does no good to demand that someone sell their SUV, when many folks may need a bigger vehicle for work.

Speaking of cars, reader M. Liu says she has a Honda Civic hybrid and is feeling “great these days given the high price of gas.” She’d like me to mention Honda when I write about hybrids and tell readers there will soon be an Accord hybrid to rival the Prius, which I so dearly love to promote. “The more the merrier in the spare the air effort,” she says, and I agree.

Remembering Reagan

President Ronald Reagan’s recent death brought back memories of the time I traveled to his Santa Barbara ranch. Part of a very small group of reporters, I was treated to a side of Reagan that was both real and heart-warming. He showed me his favorite things that day, including the modest home he helped build with his own hands.

His spirit was contagious and he went on that year to lead our nation as president. So it touched me when I heard about the candlelight ceremony for Reagan at several Sunrise Senior Living locations, including one in Oakland. Sunrise offers Alzheimer’s care and used the event to pay tribute, not only to the brave people battling this disease, but to their selfless care-givers.

Donations can be made to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America by calling toll-free to 866-AFA-8484.

All’s ‘fair’

Get out the bib and the overalls, it’s time for the Alameda County Fair. There’s no better place to pig out on pork rinds and popcorn than Pleasanton, the quintessential place for a hometown celebration.

And speaking of food, there’s a wingding of an event this year, with the First Annual Hot Wing Face-Off on Saturday, July 10. Contestants have 20 minutes to prepare their raw wings on a two-burner propane cooktop in front of an audience. You can download entry forms on the Web at May the best marinade win!

Punny plate

Spotted on a vintage sedan in the Oakland hills, the vanity plate: “75 SWINGR.” Rudy D. says the car sported an added feature — a hula girl bobbing wildly on the back shelf.


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