Down To Earth

YOU’VE HEARD the term “pushing up daisies”? Now you can push up scrub oak, manzanita, huckleberries and thousands of other plants with the new cremation policy in the East Bay Regional Parks.
For $50, your remains can be scattered in your choice of settings — overlooking Lake Chabot, near the newts in Tilden, or along the velvety green hills of Sibley. There are thousands of acres at your disposal, so to speak, and you can even pick your climate — from the warm toasty trails of Del Valle to the fog-kissed forest in Redwood Park. Of course, there are rules, like no remains in the water, or within 500 feet of any public use area. But get past the red tape and it’s a heck of a deal. You’ll always have visitors, even if they’re unaware of your presence.

READERS REACT: Crime is on the mind of retired Montclair real estate agent Catherine Christiansen, who says a friend of hers was attacked by a transient in downtown Oakland last month.
“She was in the hospital all day and had 18 stitches under one eye,” says Christiansen, who says the assault occurred in broad daylight by an unlikely suspect — a well-dressed man. “The victim is a wonderful lady, always helping people – and I thought ‘Why?'”

BODY OF WORK: You can add another energy bar to list of Clif and Luna bars created by hills entrepreneur Gary Erickson. His dad dropped the Builder’s Bar in my mailbox the other day and because it had chocolate, I quickly gave it a try. With 20 grams of protein, what’s not to like? Gary’s dad likes it, too, and he should know. He’s the guy with his name on every bar. And at 80, Cliff is still hiking the hills — with energy bars in his pockets.

ROCK REVIVAL: As a teen, he interviewed musicians like John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix on his radio show. In later years, he worked at the Beatles’ Apple Records, where one of his jobs was testing Paul McCartney’s “weed.” He’s a drummer and DJ and a rock ‘n’ roll icon in his own right. BP Fallon is playing a benefit for the Canyon School tonight at 6 p.m. You can’t beat the price – fifteen bucks gets you dinner, classic rock and a trivia contest! For more information call 925-376-4671.

TOP HATS: You know the ski season has arrived when the wacky hats come out. Montclair Sports has a new line called Screamers, which should get some attention in the lift lines. One hat makes croaking sounds and is shaped like a frog. Another features barking and looks like a dog. I’m waiting for a hat with an air horn. One blast and you’d have the mountain to yourself.


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