Ears Wide Open

THE TOWN CRIER sees things and hears things. With ears as big as palm fronds, she is dialed into dialogue that others only dream of knowing. Actually, this isn’t quite true. One source of information is easily available with Internet access. It’s the crime report on the Montclair Safety and Improvement Council Web site. More than just the police blotter that The Montclarion runs each week, this Web site offers a forum for folks who’ve been ripped off.

From burglaries to purse-snatchings, the victims provide valuable information — not only to police — but to anyone who reads their entries. You can join the discussion by logging on to www.montclairsic.org. It’s one more way we can stay a step ahead of the bad guys and keep our village safe for everybody.

E-MAIL BAG: Last week’s item on crime struck a chord with reader Randy Vogel, who wrote that studying martial arts with the Yongmudo Club at UC Berkeley has sharpened his response to real life situations.

“From little things (like being better able to catch accidentally falling objects due to improvements in my perception, reflexes and eye-hand coordination), to bigger ones (losing weight, gaining in overall fitness),” says Randy, he recommends martial arts. He says beginners are welcome and you can get more information on the Web at www.yongmudo.org.

NIGHT LIGHT: When nighttime comes and your street light burns out, who are you going to call? Neighbor Robert Anderson says the answer is Councilwoman Jean Quan, who forwarded his complaint about a broken street standard to the city’s electrical department. A guy was out in no time to shed some light on the situation. If you have a similar problem, you can call the city’s light team directly at 510-615-5430.

MORE E-MAIL: Regarding the subject of movie stars in Montclair, reader Constance Young says her nephew, Owen Granich-Young. is the producer and audio wizard for the upcoming feature film “The Nightingale Princess.” Owen is the son of Montclair photographer Ralph Granich, and at 22 years of age, is also a talented musician and composer. He attended the French American School in Berkeley and is now a senior at Hampshire College. You can see clips of his movie on the Internet at www.thenightingaleprincess.com.

MOUNTAIN MAJESTY: As the weather warms, a mountain nearby is calling us. It’s beautiful Mount Diablo, with its sweeping vistas and endless moods. Perhaps Miss Linda with the Royal Grounders Bike Club puts it best.

An avid local cyclist, she often rides to the top of the “devil mountain,” taking in what she calls “the oak-forested hillsides and undulating landscapes. At the top,” she writes, “looking out to sea — seeing San Francisco and it’s skyline — it draws you back to society, culture and humanity.”

The wildflowers will be popping out soon on the mountain, and I can’t think of a more beautiful ride.


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