Lewis and Clark Links

AAA Living Magazine, March 2006

I’m a Dakota girl who loves golf. Like so many prairie towns, the one of my birth has a golf course, a breezy nine-holer with gently rolling fairways and caramel-colored sand greens. Play is by the honor system. You put your money in the box and cart your clubs to the No. 1 tee, perched on a plateau with a sweeping view of the area. As a youth, I had never been to any of the nearby towns, but there they were, spread out before me like a patchwork quilt of silos and steeples. It was here that my love for the game was born.

Fast forward to today, and you will still find those sweet country courses with some new neighbors, as well. These sophisticated, nationally recognized courses carry North Dakota character with greens fees as friendly as the folks who live here. North Dakota golf has distinguished itself in another way: The Lewis & Clark Golf Trail lets you play 20 extraordinary courses that lie along the route Meriwether Lewis and William Clark blazed some 200 years ago. Working from east to west, you could play them all in 10 days or less–they are that strategically placed. But what’s the hurry? You might as well explore the sights along the way.

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