Answering The Call of the Wild


When Alfred Hitchcock chose Bodega Bay for his epic film The Birds, he completely overlooked one of the top five birding destinations in the country. Moss Landing would have been the perfect place for a bird tale, or almost any other wildlife story. It’s a quaint fishing village on Monterey Bay that just happens to be along the Pacific Flyway, where on any given day you can see hundreds of bird species along with otters, whales and a plethora of pinnipeds. They all share a common interest -feasting on the bugs, fish and plankton in the muddy waters of the Elkhorn Slough.

Most folks drive from Oakland to Monterey in one straight shot, never stopping to take in the sights along the way. But 15 minutes north of Steinbeck’s famous city is a little town with its own bragging rights. Moss Landing is an outdoor lover’s dream with charming shops (over 20 antique shops alone) and some of the best restaurants on the Peninsula.

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