Entrepreneur has dinner ready

IMAGINE JUNE CLEAVER in a BART station selling home-cooked meals. The image of a smartly dressed 1950s mom in pearls with dinner in her outstretched hands warms your tummy, doesn’t it?

Well, Rose Duignan isn’t June Cleaver, but the hills entrepreneur hopes you’ll get the picture when you see her promoting her business, The Dinner Source. A 55-year-old working woman who raised three kids, Duignan says her idea was “born out of pain, need, and desperation” to have a healthy meal on the table each night despite her hectic schedule.

Mushroom pork scaloppini. Chicken dim sum dumplings. Fresh fish and sauces from scratch. What working mom can pull that off night after night? But as Duignan sat in her MBA class at UC Berkeley a couple of years back, the concept came to her. She would do the shopping, the slicing, the dicing and prep — and deliver fresh-meal kits to busy customers who could take them home and cook them up.

“We are offering a throwback to a simpler time when moms were waiting for you at the door after school with warm cookies and cold milk,” she says.

That’s why Duignan is standing in the Rockridge BART station, dressed to the nines, with her little food cart and bags of ready to cook meals. She wants to make dinnertime fun again and she’s willing to do the work so that you can take the credit. There’s only one way to top that. Throw in the pearls.

If you’d like more information, or if you’d like to order meals online, visit her Web site at http://www.thedinnersource.com.

MAIL THEFT: Is it just me, or are thieves getting more brazen in the hills? Two weeks after someone broke the lock on the mailbox at Mountain and Colton, victims are still trying to recover their stolen mail. It didn’t help that it was tax time and there were no doubt IRS checks in there. The USPS quickly replaced the violated box with a new one and now we can only hope the perpetrators get what’s coming to them — prison time that fits the federal crime.

TRAFFIC STOP: This isn’t going to sit well with some people. There’s a movement under way to put another stoplight in Montclair, at the corner of Mountain and La Salle. The city is holding a public meeting on the proposal at 7 p.m. April 23 at Montclair Elementary School. The pros and cons are too many to list here, but the idea of a light at this intersection goes back some 20 years and is based on the number of recorded accidents and incidents. If you care at all about this issue, weigh in before it’s too late.

AROUND TOWN: The Royal Ground regulars were sitting outside, the other day, counting their shekels — or should I say beans. With the place up for sale, folks were trying to figure out just how to make a profit with the longtime Montclair coffee shop.

“You’d have to sell 9,000 cups a month just to break even,” one guy figured, based on the sky-high rent. Rumor has it that at least one interested party has inquired about putting a restaurant in there.

Meanwhile, there’s still no movement next door at the place that was supposed to open as a pet boutique. A dispute between the partners has reportedly stalled progress.

TV TIME: If you’ve ever wondered whether hypnosis works, tune into the Discovery Channel show “MythBusters” tomorrow at noon to see local hypnotherapist Seth-Deborah Roth.

Roth is considered an expert in hypnosis and will show how it’s used to curb appetites, stop smoking and deal with all kinds of phobias and anxieties. Her Web site is mesmerizing, too, at http://www.hypnotherapyforhealth.com.


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