Scout Fulfills Longtime City Promise

A promise is a promise — even if it takes 32 years to fulfill. That’s how long it’s been since the city of Oakland designated Shepherd Canyon Road a scenic route, with a promise to put up appropriate signage. Not surprisingly, the signs never went up, until now.

Neighbors and Boy Scouts have just finished putting up the signs that the city should have installed over three decades ago. It wasn’t easy. Just finding the sign design from those 1975 documents took hours of digging into the state archives.

Once the drawings were located, Matt Ceraldi made the sign installation his Eagle Scout project, placing the first of the placards at the top of Escher Drive. He even used some of the leftover debris (from the years when the city used the park for an un-permitted dump) to anchor the sign’s base.

Signs also went up this week at the top and bottom of Shepherd Canyon Road, the east and west boundaries of the scenic route. Now every motorist, pedestrian and biker will know what we already know — that this canyon is precious and protected. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of our neighbors, and scouts like Ceraldi — a promise made in the 1970s has finally been fulfilled.

LADY LUCK: Some guys have all the luck. Take reader Jack Summerfield. He sent in a postcard for a giveaway on the Regis and Kelly show recently, and within days his card was picked. “They called me at 5 in the morning (8 a.m. in New York) and said they’d call me back live at 6 (a.m.),” hesaid.

That’s when the fun began. The hosts spun the wheel and the marker landed on the biggest prize — a trip to Jamaica and a $5,000 Price Grabbers gift certificate. All Jack had to do was correctly answer a question about the previous day’s show.

“I was hemming and hawing and trying to come up with the answer,” he says, “and with two seconds left of the 20 seconds they gave me — I got it.” Now Jack and his wife are headed to Jamaica to celebrate, not just their good fortune, but Jack’s 75th birthday AND the couple’s 51st wedding anniversary. Congratulations, Jack and Sandy. You guys really know how to live.

CAT SIGHTING: A mountain lion and her cubs have been spotted outside The Village Market on Broadway Terrace, according to reader Howard Smith, who says a dog walker spotted the big cats on the hillside recently. “When he saw the mountain lions, he scooped up his little dog and disappeared,” says Smith, who thinks the cats may have been drawn to the area by a flock of wild turkeys.

AREA ODDITIES: You’ve heard of a jungle beat? Reader Jane Fuerch says there’s a beat of a different kind echoing through the Canyon between Montclair and Moraga. At least once a week, a guy has been playing his drums (a full set including tom tom and cymbals) in a pull-off along Pinehurst Road. The acoustics may be great, but I bet he’s driving the wildlife squirrely.


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