Rain Can’t Dilute Stella Beer Run

STELLAAAAA!!! A cacophony of calls filled the air whenever they saw us. Riding with Stella was creating a scene — which was, in fact, the point. I was driving a Vespa pulling a sign saying “Stella Artois” through the streets of Oakland and Berkeley. Call it Guerrilla Marketing — a way of moving a beer ad through thousands of people and having them notice.

The company is called Scooter Media and I found the job on Craigslist. “Wanted: Scooter drivers to assist in mobile ad campaign. Must have motorcycle license and clean DMV record.”

I applied and was put through a rigorous training that included driving through several obstacle courses. I made the cut.

We rode in a pod of six scooters, making our way up Broadway and Telegraph to the Cal campus. It was raining but that didn’t stop us from winding our way through the crowds of football fans spilling out of restaurants and bars before the big USC game.

I felt like a rock star all dressed in black with my sunglasses and silver helmet. People were screaming and pointing and two guys kept trying to give us hugs in the middle of the street. To say we stood out in Berkeley was the ultimate accomplishment. And for me, it was an “odd job” I’ll never forget.

CLEANING UP: If you want something done, give it to a busy person — someone like hills mother of six, Jennifer Adam Bunkers. As if she weren’t busy enough with kids ranging from newborn to teen, she just launched a new line of skin care products for children. TruKid is natural and organic and free of the kind of harmful ingredients found in so many other lines.

“Young children absorb up to three times more chemical substances through their skin than adults do,” she says, adding her products teach kids healthy habits that will “hopefully last a lifetime.”

To that end, TruKid even has its own music CD, featuring her 9-year-old daughter, Haley, and 6-year-old son, Freddie. But when it comes to testing the face washes, sunscreens, lip balms and creams, the whole family gets involved.

“I bring all kinds of products home,” Bunkers says, adding she even uses the lotion on her 10-week-old son’s eczema. Trukid is taking off overseas, too.

“We’re creating a little cult,” she laughs, “and getting hits from almost every country on our Web site, Trukid.com.”

For Bunkers, it’s not just about keeping her own family healthy. TruKid is a concept with universal appeal.

ANIMAL TALES: When they call it a “toy poodle,” they’re not kidding. Reader Maria Ku says her tiny pooch Lala recently was scooped up like a rag doll by a hungry hawk. The bird swooped into her hills yard and snatched what looked like a tasty morsel, then dropped it on Crestmont Drive in front of her house.

“She was going to be run over by the very next car,” Ku says, “but luckily, my neighbor Patty Wooton drove by and saw a dog lying on her back with all four paws outstretched up in the air.” They rushed Lala to the vet, unconscious and bleeding, and the doctor was able to save her. Now Lala is indoors nursing her wounds — and the hawk is still looking for dinner.

E-MAIL BAG: Speaking of ruffled feathers, reader Peter Rukin says he was “stunned” to read my column item “which seemed to chide passers-by for not stepping in to prevent a theft in downtown Montclair.”

He writes: “As any law enforcement professional will tell you, it is extremely foolish to confront someone with a deadly weapon to prevent property theft.” Peter — the Town Crier never suggested a confrontation. A simple phone call to 911 would have sufficed.


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