Easter tradition loses some luster

IT’S EASTER WEEK — and I’m feeling nostalgic. Who will help me dye the eggs this year? It wasn’t long ago that my children loved this springtime ritual. We would bring the dye down to the swim club, and dip eggs that were two-toned, spotted, mottled and monogrammed. We’d dry them in their little paper egg cups and take them home to serve as the centerpiece for the Easter feast.

Now my kids are teenagers, and dying eggs doesn’t have the same appeal. Oh, they’ll dip one between phone calls or incoming text messages, or in those fleeting moments between sports practice and homework assignments. But to quote an old B.B. King song … “The thrill is gone”. At least until the grandchildren come along.

ABOUT TOWN: Speaking of green, the home décor store Make My Day is selling earth friendly handmade journals at their Piedmont Avenue shop. It’s more than just an environmental statement. The owners hope to set an example for kindness in the community, by donating half the profits to the Oakland Firefighter’s Random Acts charity.

Meanwhile, its anniversary time for a neighborhood institution in the Dimond/Laurel District. World Ground has been serving up coffee, pastries and sandwiches at 3726 MacArthur Boulevard for a decade. A party April 5 will feature daytime fun for the kids and evening wine-tasting for adults.

E-MAIL BAG: Montclair motorists are on the mind of reader Jackie Thompson, who says she witnessed an appalling display of road rage the other day. Two drivers were vying for the same parking space at Mountain near La Salle when an angry exchange ensued, followed by the thrust of a middle digit from the younger motorist. “B- ” she screamed at the other driver as she drove off in a huff. One can only wonder how the proposed stop light at that corner would have added to the colorful moment.

On another matter, reader Lin Barron says a huge Rite-Aid diesel truck regularly blocks traffic in the late afternoons on Mountain Boulevard . He says he’s complained both to police and store management, but the deliveries continue and so does the gridlock, as the big rig stops to unload in the middle of the street.

DREAM KITCHEN: What woman doesn’t dream of the perfect kitchen? For Montclair’s Linda Yemoto, that dream is coming true, this week, thanks to HGTV (Home and Garden Television). Yemoto applied online for the show’s kitchen make-over and got the call when she was shopping one day.

“I was shocked!” she says, after giving up on the possibility of hearing from them. Apparently she got in the back door, so to speak, because the show only remakes a couple of kitchens a year and one of their candidates had backed out.

“You do have to sign a contract and put down money,” she says, adding it’s something like $4,000 plus the cost of any upgrades and new appliances. Because Yemoto is a naturalist for the East Bay Regional Parks, her upgrades are green. She’s using Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops, (a company out of Richmond ) and recycled cork floors. The show is shooting her kitchen segment this week with an air date to be determined. It just goes to show – we should never stop dreaming.


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