Luck finally shines on Village shop

Town Crier/Ginny Prior

AFTER 14 HELLISH MONTHS, A Little Piece of Heaven has finally opened in Montclair.

“Everything was going wrong,” said shop owner Nafisa McGlynn, who had a devil of a time trying to renovate the space last occupied by Body Options at 2056 Mountain Blvd. There was mold behind the wall, asbestos under the floor, termites, and then — just as she was ready to open — a computer virus wiped out all her files.

Ever faithful, McGlynn, a devout Catholic, called on divine intervention.

“We blessed the store with holy water from The Basilica of Lourdes in France — had a little cry — and here we are,” she said.

McGlynn, a former fashion designer, has made the most of her space with a soothing, tasteful décor and some 10,000 pieces of clothing and accessories for her baby boutique. If her phone number is any sign, the shop will be lucky from this point forward. It’s 510-339-7777.

AROUND TOWN: Flavors Indian Bistro has opened in the old sausage shack which was once Top Dog (and later The Dog) in Montclair. A la carte entrees start at around $8 with lunch specials daily (except Tuesdays when they’re closed).

And two Montclair retailers have found a creative way to deal with soaring rent and a sour economy. Utopia Designer Fashion Exchange is now sharing a space with The Jewelbox at 6116 La Salle Ave. The partnership seems perfect; kind of a one-stop shop for chic clothing and jewelry. There’s also a consignment section, which Montclair hasn’t had in awhile.E-MAIL BAG: Thanks to reader Linda Safir for her touching letter regarding a Bishop O’Dowd youth who was injured in an accident earlier this year. John Murphy has been hospitalized since falling from a Berkeley building several months ago. And while the details are still uncertain, a Web site called has allowed family and friends to stay connected with medical updates, as well as messages of hope.

“Most people would not begin to know how to develop a web site to communicate with everyone,” Safir said. “This does it for you.”

TAKING ACTION: Just weeks after writing about this in my column, neighbors have finally managed to get “No Parking” signs in the center triangle at Skyline, Snake and Colton. The effort was spearheaded by realtor Laurel Strand, who was tired of looking at the collection of cars and a large RV parked in the intersection daily. Now that the space is clear, Strand said she is looking forward to helping plan a “mini park” for the area, something that would raise the property values, not lower them.

CAT TALE: If anyone is looking for a good luck charm, “Beau” might just be it. You may remember the tenacious tabby from a column I did several years back on his dramatic rescue between the walls of Corpus Christi Church and the neighboring Keller Center. He’d become wedged in the space, no doubt, after attending a church potluck.

Anyway, kitty has been living happily ever since with a parish family, but I’m told they’re moving and can’t take tabby with them. If you’d like to adopt a good mouser, call the parish office at 510-530-4343. My guess is he still has a few of his nine lives left.


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