One Woman’s Hallmark Moment

MONTCLARION: March 5, 2010

Peace, love and joy. Who can argue with the powerful images these three words invoke?

I must confess, I have a weakness for uplifting messages – especially if they come in a handsome hardcover book or a glossy greeting card.

So when local artist Kay Kopit’s Art & Soul collection came to my house, I was immediately drawn to the eight little affirmations that fit in the palm of my hand.

Kay has spent two years on this collection of what she calls transformations. The colorful cards feature her original paintings and words of hope in the face of despair. No stranger to the hard edge of life, Kay, herself, has fought the demons of addiction and dysfunctional relationships. Her poignant documentary I survived is viewed by thousands each month on her website.

Now, she’s taking to the streets. Kay is knocking on doors, finding outlets that will offer her inspirational cards to the public. Annie’s Hallmark and Nelly’s Java are two Montclair locations that have picked them up. More shops will surely follow. They are also available on Kay’s website at

About town: More on the tasty morsel I served up last week on Europa’s move to Montclair. The Orinda Hofbrau is opening a second location here called Grille One Cutlery, in the site La Salsa just vacated. My moles tell me they’ll be carving big slabs of meat in time for the Lions Club Restaurant Walk on April 20.

Other tidbits…Colonial Donuts is swapping sites in Montclair – leaving their corner location by the gas station for the shop that XOX Truffles just vacated on La Salle.

Montclair Jewelers is not only customer friendly, it’s pet friendly. Owner David Coll says dogs can’t wait to visit his store for a treat. That includes Lola the poodle, who pretty much owns the store when she comes in, decked out in her jewel-studded collar. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets – and you can see her picture, along with the rest of the canine customers, on Montclair Jewelers Facebook page.

Glenview gossip: Thanks to reader Paula Moore for letting me know that Park Boulevard’s venerable coffee shop, Ultimate Ground, has changed hands. The Glenview eatery is now owned by Berkeley Bagels (fresh New York-style bagels) and is already hosting a neighborhood event tomorrow – a fundraiser for Glenview Elementary School’s 12th annual Read-a-Thon. Anyone who donates $20 from 9-noon will get a free coffee, bagel with cream cheese and a personalized book plate for the school library.

Green Day: A lot of energy is going into this Saturday’s Greening Oakland Homes Fair at the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club. From 11-3 pm, there will be a room full of experts offering advice on how you can make your home more energy efficient. Check out their extensive website for more information at

Got news? You can reach Ginny Prior by phone at 510-273-9418, by email at or on the web at


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