Town Crier: Oakland teachers get married at school

MONTCLARION: June 25, 2010

What a way to ring in summer, with the harmonious blend of wedding bells and school bells. Beloved teachers Candice Cheng (first grade) and Jesse Inclan (PE) got married at Hillcrest Elementary School, last week, in a surprise ceremony during circle time. “Naturally, they couldn’t invite 300 kids to a wedding,” says photographer Reenie Raschke, “so they brought it to the kids on the last day of school.” The bride looked beautiful in her white wedding gown and veil and the groom was dapper in his summer suit. For the kids – it was a school day they’ll never forget.

     Around town: For weeks, rumors have been circulating about a major change at Crogan’s in Montclair. No-one knows who started the gossip, but General Manager Mike Williams has asked for my help in putting it to rest. “The rumors that are circulating that Crogan’s is closing are out of control and (I) do not know how to stop them,” he writes. “We are not closing and we are not for sale.” Nothing more needs to be said.

     Meanwhile, residents continue to weigh in on a reader opinion piece that ran in our papers promoting Montclair’s succession from Oakland. Author Tony Morosini has now set up a Facebook page to encourage dialogue on the topic. Here’s the link:!/group.php?gid=130047097016109&ref=ts

       Email bag: It’s time to say thank you, again, to everyone who makes Montclair such a wonderful community. Reader Jane Herlihy has noticed several volunteer efforts, lately, including those of a woman who digs up and removes thistles on the Shepherd Canyon Trail. “I’ve noticed another couple younger women who maintain the potted flowers at the Mountain Blvd. tennis courts,” she writes. “And Gordon Teekell, a friend of ours, maintains the median strip where the rusted reindeer are at Mountain and Park.” Keep up the good work, everyone.

     Bird banter: Readers have been squawking in the wake of last week’s column item on the dangers of aggressive wild turkeys.  “I moved here 20 years ago to be in a wilder place,” says one reader, who thinks we should cut wild animals a break.  Several others say they love to see turkeys on the trails and in the neighborhoods. As for me, I’m still wondering if a wild bird is tastier than the store bought variety.

     Speaking of wild birds…reader Phillip Alvelda says a party of peacocks is waking up neighbors at 5:30 a.m. on his street. If that’s not enough, one confused bird did $250 in damage to Alvelda’s newly-washed car when he tried to get at his reflection.

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