Town Crier: Fall, football go hand-in-hand

MONTCLARION: September 24, 2010

There are two times of year at my house — football season and spring football season. My husband laughs when he tells that joke, but he’s serious. When you’re outnumbered by men two to one in your home, football dominates your TV and your social calendar. That’s why God gave us girlfriends.

Yet, with each passing year I grow fonder of football. I follow my son’s high school team — that’s a given — but I also cheer at Cal home games and I didn’t even go to school there. And don’t even get me started on the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre. My obsession gives new meaning to the words “fantasy football.”

When it’s all said and done, football is like comfort food. It’s warm sunshine on a crisp autumn day; it’s cheering fans and marching bands and hotdogs and tailgates and beer. Is there too much of it in my life right now? Yes. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Email bag: Lots of response to my recent column on crime and protection of property. At a block party on Wood Drive, last weekend, the hot topic was neighborhood safety. Reader Van Rourke says several homes have been burglarized there over the summer and he’s asking neighbors to be watchful and call OPD’s non-emergency number (510-777-3333) if they see anything suspicious.

Whether you’ll get a response, or not, is up for debate. The squeaky wheel seems to get the grease with Oakland

police, who have publically said they don’t have enough cops to respond to non-violent crime. Yet some neighborhoods seem to get increased patrols if they register enough calls.

One positive note — readers say they’re thankful to the Montclarion for continuing to print the police blotter each week. It’s a valuable tool in determining if there’s a pattern of crime in an neighborhood.

Big bash: It takes a village to throw a party. That’s why hills dad Eric Reynolds is looking for more volunteers for the upcoming Montclair Village Festival. The Oct. 17 event (12-5 p.m. at Montclair Park) replaces the Jazz and Wine Festival with a more family focused affair. There’ll be a main stage of music plus a teen stage for young performers, along with jumpers and slides for the kids. Check out the website at for more details and volunteer opportunities.

Animal tales: He’s the Baby Huey of the animal world. Or maybe he’s a she. The Oakland Zoo is celebrating the birth of its third wreathed hornbill. A bird rarely born in captivity, this curious creature gives new meaning to the term “big baby.” After 134 days waiting to debut in the nest, a wreathed hornbill is born nearly the size of its parents! Perhaps that’s why its eyes are so large. It’s thinking “Did I just come out of that little egg, or what?”


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