Town Crier: What can our dreams teach us?

MONTCLARION: November 19, 2010

As you’re sipping your morning coffee, consider this: There’s a way to squeeze eight more hours out of your day.

If you think I’m dreaming, you’re right. Every night before bedtime, I invite myself to dream. Then I place a journal and pen on my nightstand and turn off the lights. The next morning, I recall what I dreamed, write it down and reflect.

This little exercise has led to some interesting self-revelations. For one thing, I now know I’m independent and sexy. My dream about dancing with a tall, furry cat isn’t proof I’ve had too much wine and garlic — it’s a sign I’m in touch with my femininity.

My dream about surfing on a river with cheering fans lining the banks is not telling me I’m egotistic — it’s saying I’m spiritual. And the vision I had about buying a stovetop at Sears and getting a free puppy — well that shows I value loyalty and protection. It might also mean I’m cheap, but I choose to ignore that translation. What I do know for sure is that I’m no longer wasting my time at night. I’m at the movies, and the star of the show is me.

And the best part of all? It’s free!

CRIME STORY: Next time you offer something for sale on Craigslist, make sure the transaction is at a neutral and public place. A reader got ripped off recently after showing his collectibles to a potential buyer from the popular online site. The crook took a look at his wares, then somehow sneaked away to leave a window slightly ajar in the house. He came back when no one was there and stole about $10,000 worth of rare photographs and framed mirrors.

PENNIES FROM HEAVEN: How much does it cost to save a life in Haiti? Montclair doctor Dirk Smith just returned from a humanitarian mission to the impoverished nation and says $15 was all it took to send a dehydrated and dying baby to the hospital for treatment.

Smith gladly reached into his pocket to pay for the emergency care, something the infant’s family couldn’t afford. He was part of a group of medical students, nurses and other volunteers organized by a nonprofit organization called Sionfonds.

E-MAIL BAG: Reader Michele Zaugg points out how quickly time flies. As the manager of the gift shop at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, she’s preparing for the store’s third Christmas with a free social from 4-6 p.m. Dec. 1. It’s the preview for the Cathedral Shop’s Fair Trade Holiday Market, featuring unique nativities from around the world.

SPORTS SPOTLIGHT: High-fives for three Bishop O’Dowd High School athletes who’ve signed National Letters of Intent.

Lindsey Parrott has signed with Cal for volleyball; Joey Ross has been picked to play baseball at UCLA and Jordan Tomimatsu will be swimming at Fordham University — fist bumps all around.


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