Town Crier: Exotic cats need new home

MONTCLARION: July 8, 2011

It’s hard to imagine a better friend than a pet, one who loves unconditionally and asks little in return. But for Valerie Comstock, her two cats have been more than companions — they’ve been a comfort in her struggle to overcome a serious illness.

Sadly, the time has come for her to give up her pets to someone who can offer them a quiet, loving home. These are no ordinary cats — they are pedigreed Pixi Bobs.

“They’re a cross between barn cats and bobcats,” says Comstock, “and they look somewhat wild but attach themselves to people more closely than other cats — more like dogs that way.”

In fact, Yeti, the younger one, likes to ride in the car. He plops right down next to her with “his elbows on the dashboard and his rump on the seat.” He will walk on a leash and gets plenty of looks with his huge snowshoe feet and thick fur that make him look like an abominable snowman.

Whirligig, on the other hand, has only one goal — to love and be loved.

“He just wants to sit around and adore you,” says Comstock, who named the more athletic kitty after the child’s toy.

The big challenge in finding them a home has been twofold. Pixi Bobs can’t have the live vaccines that ordinary cats get, so they can’t be adopted through a shelter. Also, Yeti was born with a too-narrow ureter, which has been surgically corrected, but requires a special diet and medicine, which can run up to $70 a month.

“I don’t want to euthanize themor sell them down the river,” says Comstock, who can’t rest until she finds the right home for her cats.

So this is a plea for help. If you’re being called to make a difference in someone’s life, consider adopting Yeti and Whirligig. You can reach Comstock by email at

ON THE TOWN: Two things worthy of a special night out are cocktails at Scott’s and the Broadway play “Billy Elliot.” If you really want to live it up, do both in one night. Scott’s at Jack London Square is pure class with its live piano music and stunning waterfront views, and the mother of all happy hours from 4 p.m. until closing.

The nightcap is “Billy Elliot,” the 10-Tony hit at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. The live music, the brilliant dance numbers and the story of hope in hard times — this play has it all and is a true family offering that’s inspirational and uplifting.

ELECTRIC AVENUE: Three neighbors of mine are going green with new Leafs — the electric cars from Nissan that look more like rocket ships than five-passenger sedans. The advantages? No gas, no emissions and a check from the state of California for $5,000, along with up to $7,500 in federal tax credits. Oh, and the operating cost is an estimated penny per mile. The downside is you can only go 80-100 miles on a charge and then you’d better find yourself a 220-volt outlet or a cab.

“CRABBY” CABBIE: And speaking of cabs “… I was scolded, last week, for using the word “cabbie” in a recent column. Professional driver Brad Newsham says when journalists use the “c-word”, which they frequently do, it’s offensive to cabdrivers who think the word diminishes the hard work they do in a stressful and demanding job. OK, Brad, I’m on board. Just don’t call my column a “blog” or an “article.” Oh, and by the way — you owe me one for promoting your blog at

Got news? You can reach Ginny Prior by phone at 510-723-2525, by email at or on the web at


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