Town Crier: Montclair changes

MONTCLARION: July 29, 2011

For folks who’ve been following the changing restaurant scene in Montclair, it comes as no surprise that Toshi Sushi is for sale.

After 23 years in the Village, the owners no doubt find there’s too much competition these days. Unless you’re living in Japantown, three Japanese restaurants in two blocks is overkill.

Also, say goodbye to Carol Sullivan, who is reportedly retiring Friday from Montclair Pharmacy after almost two decades. Carol’s sweet smile and cheerful personality will be missed in this family run business (managed by her father-in-law, husband and son). Reader Diane Hill says that no matter how busy she is, Carol always has time to help her customers. Now she’ll have time for herself, and we wish her well.

ROAD WORK: You never know what lurks under a bridge until it’s torn apart. Heck, most of us didn’t even know there was a bridge on Park Boulevard until crews started retrofitting the three viaducts underneath it near the golf course. Look for the cone zone to last until April on this $1.6 million state and federally subsidized project.

FENCE FOLLY: The new fence is up along the Montclair Railroad Trail, but it took some “bulldogging” to get it right. City workers left out a critical opening at Banning Road, forcing folks to have to hop the fence — not easy with a bike or a stroller. They’ve since cut an access point and corrected their mistake. Now, could we get public works on thosepotholes along Mountain Boulevard near Ascot Drive?

TAX TALK: As we get ready for yet another parcel tax vote in Oakland, Yahoo Group chatter shows the lack of trust many have in our city government.

“We have voted for funding more police in the past, and they were never hired,” says one homeowner.

Many people say they’d agree to a tax if it would guarantee more police in their districts. In some cases, neighbors are already ponying up for patrols by Bay Alarm — just to feel safe in their own homes.

LIQUID GOLD: If you’re tired of the rising cost of water, why not tap into a free resource? The city is subsidizing barrels and tanks so residents can capture their own rainwater for lawns and gardens. Buy the products online at a 50 percent to 75 percent discount, and then stop by the Temescal Farmers Market, 490 Cavour St., to pick up the receptacles from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. July 31. See for details.


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