Town Crier: Piedmont school principal wins national award

MONTCLARION: February 23, 2012

Who puts in three decades at one job anymore? Most folks are lucky to eke out five years before their position is outsourced or downsized. But Katie Murphy has been the principal at Piedmont’s Corpus Christi School for 31 years.

Murphy is one of just 12 people in the country being awarded the National Catholic Education Association distinguished principal award — and she deserves it. Since taking the helm, she’s helped build a $2 million endowment for tuition assistance and a base of school volunteers who log more than 10,000 hours a year. In fact, Murphy is so popular that the Corpus community bought her a new car when her old one was on its last wheels.

Murphy will travel to Boston to pick up her award April 11. Congratulations, Katie — now go for the record and re-up for another 30 years.

Garden dirt: Here’s yet another reason to pray for rain. The City of Oakland gets federal stimulus money for rain barrels. Yes, the government is offering deep discounts to hills homeowners who use rain barrels as a way to reduce stormwater runoff. If you’d like more on the program, see

Musical notes: The Glenview district will jam Saturday night as guitarist Caren Armstrong hosts a special “Celebrating Songwriters” event in the East Bay Dance Center (behind Marzano’s). The 8 p.m. concert features the airy vocals and awesome instrumentation of Calaveras and acclaimed folk musician Steve Meckfessel. Check it out on the new site designed by Oakland web “goddess” Vidya Tolani,

Email bag: Reader Libby Cholerton is sounding the alarm about the possible closure of a popular business in the Village. Montclair Physical Therapy and Wellness is slated to shut down early next month due to a hefty rent increase. “This is a huge loss for so many of us in the area,” writes Cholerton, who says if the public knows about it, maybe something can be worked out.

Happy trails: The mild weather is bringing out the bikers and hikers and dog walkers. One thing readers have noticed, is the growing number of dogs being walked in Shepherd Canyon Park, where a sign clearly states “Dogs Not Allowed.” Apparently, people are clueless to the fact that dog doo and youth soccer don’t mix.

Meanwhile, more folks than ever seem to be hiking in Redwood Regional Park. Skyline Gate looked like an AARP convention the other day, with seniors converging on the site with their water bottles and walking sticks. The park, for its part, was ready. There was even a porta potty on wheels at the halfway point on the trail.


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