Look for get-tough approach from Montclair’s new mayor

MONTCLARION: June 29, 2012

For those of you pushing for secession, Montclair is throwing you a bone. There’s a new mayor in town — a feisty feline who won’t pussyfoot around when it comes to fighting crime.

Yes, Stomper is the new pet mayor of Montclair. Whether she won by a hair is irrelevant. She is a born leader — a survivor who cared for her siblings after her mother was killed near Interstate 580.

During the campaign, the Montclair Village Association endorsed Stomper, citing her skills as a neighborhood watch leader. Now that she’s in office, she vows to patrol the streets, especially at night, and go after the dirty rats that have been running loose in the hills. Let’s give her our support.

Around town: There’s lots of movement in the Village these days. Daisy’s is open in their new, larger location at 2017 Mountain Blvd. Meanwhile, Rite Aid has just finished a small remodel, taking over Montclair Pharmacy’s clients in the wake of their closure. And Village Chiropractic and Wellness Center has opened at 6232 La Salle Ave.

Email bag: Speaking of Montclair Pharmacy, reader Bridget McInerney Harris echoes the sentiments of many Montclarions. “I will so miss Bill Sullivan and his family,” she writes, saying they’ve been both professional and caring — a rarity in today’s world. Bridget says Bill filled her family’s prescriptions perfectly and cheerfully and she wants to publicly thank him for his 50 years of service.

On the same subject, reader Emily Jurs Sparks says she didn’t see Carol Sullivan’s name mentioned in my article on the Sullivan family. Carol is Bill’s daughter-in-law, who worked in the pharmacy for many years while her husband, Joe, ran the bookstore. I was remiss in not mentioning her name, so I’m doing it now.

Book nook: Seems folks on Merriewood have really embraced the little free library that Jennifer Fish started recently in front of her house. She says they’re getting rid of the cardboard box and neighbor Neal Gordon is building a mailbox-like structure on a pole that will hold the dozens of books. The concept of the little free library is catching fire around the country. Check out the evolution of this idea, along with some library designs at www.littlefreelibrary.org.

Animal tales: Who knows if a cat is destined for greatness, like Montclair’s new pet mayor? Reader Mary Orfali says there are five felines at the East Bay SPCA (www.eastbayspca.org) she would like to see adopted. They include Sweetums, Snowflake and Lana along with two of Mary’s personal favorites, Luke and Bodine. Luke is a sweet seal-point Siamese with great blue eyes, and Bodine is a sleek black cat who puts her paws around your shoulders like she’s giving you a hug. Remember, June is adopt-a-cat month. Wouldn’t you like to take home a furry friend?

Got news? You can reach Ginny Prior by phone at 510-723-2525, by email at ginnyprior@hotmail.com or on the web at www.ginnyprior.com.


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