Community of Canyon trying to save post office

MONTCLARION: August 17, 2012

Canyon — the whole town revolves around two buildings, the school and the post office, and the post office is slated for dramatic cuts in service and the elimination of its longtime postmaster (or in this case, postmistress).

You’d half-expect there to be a protest. After all, Canyon is known for its countercultural roots. Many of the folks moved to the nearby unincorporated community from Berkeley and had ties to the Vietnam War protests. But instead, the town is taking a different tack. They’re working within the system by pointing out the post office’s assets and historical importance.

Canyon residents are hosting a celebration Saturday, August 25, at 10 a.m. to mark 90 years of postal service in the redwoods. Along with food and music, fans of the post office can get a cancellation stamp on their mail that day — designed by a local artist and complete with a pictorial rendering of the building.

Bringing customers to Canyon is the townsfolks’ new plan. Their figures show that more than a million people live within a short distance of their sleepy enclave and there’s potential for the post office to make a profit. I’m not sure I like the idea of more cars on that scenic, switchback road, but I sure don’t want to see the post office close. In any case, 90 years is noteworthy, and if you’re a fan of the post office like I am be sure to stop by and show your support.

Montclair muses: Thanks to reader SandyLevensaler for her “shout out” on David Bolduc and his new business, Golden State Fitness. She says when she first stopped by, she thought it was for buffed bodies only but discovered they tailor their workouts for every age and body.

Speaking of the Village, reader Kelly Friedman disagrees with the premise that it’s up to the local community to support the Montclair business district. “Why is it always up to the consumer to open their wallets to save the day?” she writes. “The elephants in the room here are the landlords who price small business out of the area.”

And finally, the meows have it when it comes to comments about my column on Montclair’s new cat mayor. Readers say they’re happy to have a leader who’s strong but also a pussycat.

“Give me the quiet, self-contained dignity of a cat any day, instead of a dog’s slobbering servility,” writes Susan Martin. And while Susan doesn’t suggest bringing your cat on your outings, she does say she’s tired of dogs blocking the sidewalk outside her favorite coffee shop.


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