Town Crier: Here’s hoping Halloween kicks off rainy season

2014-09-28_15-33-49_9634_EOSMONTCLARION: October 24, 2014

It’s an exciting time in our house. My husband is watching the World Series, and I’m sitting out in the pumpkin patch. Either way, we’re surrounded by orange and black.

Halloween kicks off my favorite season — the rainy season. The oranges of autumn complement the brooding sky, and I love the way moisture collects in potholes. “Stomp puddles,” my kids used to call them. I’m praying for lots of puddles this year.
Speaking of kids, the annual Lions Club Halloween parade is next Friday at 3 p.m. in Montclair Village. And like a true politician, Montclair’s pet mayor will be working the crowd. Stomper the cat sports a fine fur coat wherever he goes — even to Montclair Veterinary Hospital’s post-parade mixer. Check it out — it’s open to the public.
 Around town: Charlie Brown and Linus should know about this. It’s the second annual Great Pumpkin Patch at Joaquin Miller School, 5525 Ascot Drive. Reader Mike Petouhoff says there’s a jumpy house, scary decorations and, of course, great pumpkins and gourds. The patch is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this weekend and next weekend. On Sunday, there’s also a Fall Harvest Fair.

Email bag: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying pine cone! Several folks have weighed in on last week’s warning about things that fall from the sky. Rock-hard pine cones are just one of the dangers in our tree-covered hills. Branches are another. One reader reports that the wind snapped a branch that fell with such force that it did $5,000 damage to his car. There’s a case to be made for leaving your convertible home in a wind storm.

Fright fest: Who knew hell fire could be so seductive? Folks are dying to get into The Fat Lady’s Hellfire Club, an “underground cave” in the back of the popular Jack London Square restaurant. The Fat Lady’s always over-the-top decorations include a guillotine table and a headless horseman — not to mention that annual surprise in the bathroom. The restaurant’s Diane Splendorio says it’s a real scream.

Animal tales: All kinds of animals parade through our Oakland hills yards. But reader Susan Alcorn got a great shot of a doe and two yearlings doing something really cute. “I spotted them looking wistfully up at the (bird) feeder, grabbed my camera, and captured this shot,” she wrote. The photo on shows a deer on her hind legs, fully extended and helping herself to the seeds. Alcorn says the young ones weren’t tall enough to reach the feeder. They had to settle for spillage.
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