Town Crier: ’65 Skyline class trying to locate time capsule

Skyline High class of 1965 classmates Rick Kirske (left) Jeff Black,(center) and Tim Hallahan (right) went up to Skyline High recently to lookfor the time

MONTCLARION: August 6, 2015

The Sixties. They say that if you remember them, you didn’t really live them. Still, someone in the Skyline High class of 1965 must know where the time capsule is buried. The reunion committee went out to dig it up the other day and couldn’t find it.

“None of us was apparently at the event when the capsule was put below ground,” says reunion committee member and financial planner Larry Ginsburg, “which is why, even given our ability to have ‘senior moments’ … we do not know the location of the time capsule.”

Ginsburg says a group of seniors buried the capsule on campus 50 years ago, with the idea that it would hold all kinds of stuff that would help them remember 1965 at their reunion in 2015.

“We are hoping one of your Montclarion readers may know the ‘secret’ location. We do want to find the capsule and have the contents available with the other ‘Titan’ memorabilia that will be on display at our reunion,” Ginsburg says.

Maybe the opening reception can include a group excavation — kind of a bring-your-own-shovel affair. I can dig it … can you?

Note: The Skyline High class of 1965 50th reunion is Sept. 25-27. For more information, or to help find the missing time capsule, see the reunion website ( managed by classmate Billy Martin.

Business page: Speaking of hidden spots, I stumbled into Arbor the other day. What a cool coffee shop in the old brick building at 43rd and Telegraph. Apparently, they don’t need signage to get business. The place was teeming with young people, some who didn’t even know the name of the shop until they looked on the sandwich board menu inside. Like me, they just wandered in and liked the vibe.

Online chatter: Green garbage trucks and spiders are two of the more unusual topics being discussed on neighborhood listservs. Several folks have reported seeing the extra-tall natural gas powered garbage trucks rumbling through the hills, taking out tree branches and even telephone lines. Meanwhile, the more frequent spider sightings seem to be related to the drought.

Book it: Here’s a must-read for Niner fans: Dave Newhouse’s new book “Founding 49ers: The Dark Days Before the Dynasty.” The hills author and retired Tribune sportswriter makes two Oakland appearances this month to promote a book chock-full of interviews about the early days of this NFL team. He’ll read at Laurel Book Store, 1423 Broadway, from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday and The Warehouse, 416 26th St., from 1 to 5 p.m. Aug. 15.

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