Town Crier: Farmers’ market attracts public — and traffic scofflaws

MONTCLARION: November 13, 2015

All I want for Christmas — is tires with a treadwear rating of 600. Finally, there’s something to cheer about on the weather front. Monday’s heavy showers have given us hope that we may, indeed, have a rainy season. Wet weather is forecast for next week as well, prompting the CHP to issue a reminder about driving in rain, fog and snow.

Bottom line? Check your wipers, headlights and the tread on your tires. (Using a quarter, George Washington’s head should be covered by tread.) See more tips at

Around town: The Montclair Village Farmers’ Market is attracting an eclectic mix of customers, along with the occasional traffic scofflaw. A motorist found it convenient to park in the red zone at Mountain and La Salle last Sunday, blocking the crosswalk for 90 minutes. A reader’s photo confirmed the offense, leading us to wonder whether traffic cops even work on Sundays.

Speaking of road hazards, when did gas become so popular? Mash Gas & Food on Mountain near Park Boulevard has seen such an uptick in customers that it’s causing traffic concerns. Montclair chiropractor Pete Lowenberg says it’s a danger when cars from the service station cross into traffic coming and going from the Village Center next door.

Celebrity sighting: Klay Thompson was handing out hugs in the Montclair Subway sandwich shop recently. Well, not really, but he did share the love with 29-year veteran mail carrier Madeline Dinoso, who recognized him immediately as her favorite Golden State Warrior. It was Dinoso’s birthday to boot and she’s now got a picture to show friends and customers along her Carisbrook route.

Food news: Reader Mary Feinberg is a fan of the new Elmwood eatery — The Advocate. She’s not the only one. The place was packed last Sunday night, with the earliest reservation at 8 p.m. The Advocate and its sister restaurant, Comal, have the Meyer sound system, which makes it easy to hear your tablemates — even in a crowded cafe.

Silly stuff: It was fun to see a flash mob break out on Lakeshore for Halloween. The group’s rendition of Michael Jackson’s iconic song “Thriller” was the perfect way to ring in a holiday that’s second only to Christmas in popularity. It does make you wonder, though, if they’ll show up for Thanksgiving to do the turkey trot.

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