A ‘Pop in’ to Jerry Brown’s Home in the Hills


Interior of the Browns’ home in the Oakland hills. After 10 years, Gov. Jerry Brown and Anne Gust Brown are putting the home up for sale. Its asking price is $2,595,000.

We’ve been neighbors for a decade, and we’re finally getting the nod to come over. Too bad there’s nobody home. Still, it’s fun to pop into Gov. Jerry Brown and Anne Gust Brown’s house on Skyline Boulevard. On the market for almost $2.6 million, four families could live in this four-level home if it weren’t for the parking and zoning.

 And yes, it has things you’d expect from a governor’s mansion — like a spa, intercom and a dumbwaiter. But surprisingly, there’s no pool. And no elevator. Who has a mansion without a pool and an elevator? I couldn’t live there.

Perhaps you could. Of course, you’ll want to see the house first. For more information, contact McGuire Real Estate agent Robin Dustan at 415-385-3499 or rdustan@mcguire.com.

Around town: There are some new developments since last week’s column on mail theft. The U.S. Postal Service is asking for video and anything else that can help identify the mail thieves who’ve been hitting the Oakland hills. A stolen car full of hills mail was found dumped in the Lucky supermarket lot in Montclair last week. If you have any information, call 877-876-2455.

The Montclair Safety & Improvement Council has tips for keeping thieves from stealing your mail and your identity. Of course, a strong locking mailbox is critical, but so is picking up mail quickly; using electronic banking, reviewing credit card and bank statements; and checking your credit periodically. And don’t put outgoing mail in your box.


Email bag: Speaking of mail, if you put a vacation hold on your mail when you’re gone a long time — ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your box. One reader says she came back from a trip and her mailbox was stuffed to the gills with letters and circulars. Yes, she’d put a hold on her mail, but somebody at the post office dropped the ball.

On stage: If you loved reading Robert Louis Stevenson as a kid, you’ll be transported to a swashbuckling voyage with “Treasure Island” at the Berkeley Rep this month. Director Mary Zimmerman’s clever adaptation is full of pirate lore and fanciful live music. It’s a play for all ages, and it runs through June 5.

Animal tales: There’s nothing cuter than a baby black crowned night heron — unless it’s an infant egret. The Golden Gate Audubon Society and the Oakland Zoo have been rescuing fallen fledglings from some 75 nests above busy downtown streets. These little peepers get gentle care and then transport to the International Bird Rescue in Fairfield, where they live till they’re back on their feet.

Got news? You can reach Ginny Prior by email at ginnyprior@hotmail.com or on the web at http://www.” ginnyprior.com.



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