Town Crier: Not one but two ladies mark 95 years at Oakland’s Fentons

courtesy of Carmelita Mills
Oakland resident Lola Fitzgerald celebrates her 95th birthday at Fentons Creamery with her daughter, Carmelita Mills, left, and granddaughter, Melia Mills Claybrooks.

MONTCLARION: August 10, 2018

What will you do when you reach the ripe age of 95? Not one but two golden-oldie birthdays were celebrated recently at Fentons Creamery. Reader Trish Brennan says the birthday gals didn’t know each other until their parties were seated nearby.

Of course, the popular Piedmont Avenue ice cream parlor is no spring chicken itself, although I believe chicken is served in the restaurant. So is cake and ice cream, which is what 95-year-old Oakland resident Lola Fitzgerald had for her party. Two cakes, actually — not to accommodate the candles, but because of the long frosting message which read, “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.”

Foodie alert: Montclair’s Daughter Thai has a new sister restaurant in Jack London Square. Farmhouse Kitchen is serving street food and traditional Thai dishes. Two other new restaurants are worth mentioning in Jack London: Belcampo, with a butcher shop and restaurant with food sourced from their farm near Mount Shasta; and Dyafa, with dishes inspired by chef Reem Assil’s Palestinian-Syrian heritage.

Mail bag: Phone scammers are getting ever more devious. Reader Ellen Becherer warns of a scam in which she was an intended target this month. Someone called claiming they were with the Social Security Administration, that her number was used for drug trafficking and that a warrant was being issued for her arrest in Texas.

“I did not give out my number and [instead] called Social Security. They do not call people with this type of information,” she said, reiterating “Do NOT give out your SS number to anyone over the phone.”

On a more upbeat note, it seems happiness is mailing a package at the Montclair Post Office. That’s what a reader claims after a recent experience with employee number 32. She was so impressed with her customer service, she proclaimed out loud that Ramon Foster was “without a doubt the nicest and most efficient postal person in the whole country!” And, with that, she says the people in line gave the postman a round of applause. Now if the folks at the DMV could take note ….

Surprise shower: There was no rain in the forecast, but reader Scott Sanders says his car got wet anyway recently. Parked in Montclair, Scott says a beautifully coiffed poodle tinkled on his front fender while the dog’s owner was on her cell phone.

“My car, a Miata, is so low to the ground (that) the dog’s actually peeing on my hood,” he shares, adding it didn’t help that his convertible top was down. When he alerted the owner to the infraction, she replied “Sorry but I was talking to my therapist.” Best to let that one go, I suppose … and he did.

Incredible adventure: Here’s something cool I hope I work up the nerve to try — Hilton San Francisco Union Square is offering a “Sky High” room package for thrill-seekers who want to rappel off the hotel’s 46th floor. The annual event Oct. 11-14 raises money for California kids to experience the great outdoors through co-sponsor Outward Bound. Interested? Email or call 415-771-1400.


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