A Plea to Home-owners: Leave the Lights on



MONTCLARION: January 11, 2019

January is a tough month. Let’s face it — the holidays are over and tax season is on the horizon. It’s easy to slip into a funk, But here’s a way to spread joy without lifting a finger. Leave your lights on.

Christmas lights are magical. They illuminate the darkness and provide warmth on cold, starless nights. They also create a sense of community and small town spirit. And with energy-efficient LED lights, you can no longer claim the electric bill is too high.

A lot of Montclarions leave their lights on. Once considered a country thing, (Google the song “Redneck Woman”), home designers build lighting into their outdoor architecture. Gardens twinkle with holiday bulbs that wind their way up tree trunks and into the boughs. Heck, the whole village is outlined in warm golden lights year-round.

So, in the words of famed Motel 6 pitchman Tom Bodett (who actually reads this column from time to time) — go ahead and make the pledge: “We’ll leave the light on for you.”

Shop talk: Speaking of neighborly things to do, the chef/owner of L’acajou Bakery and Cafe came to the rescue of a fellow restaurateur the other Sunday. Matthew Roder delivered food to hungry patrons at Monaghan’s when their cook called in sick and his backup was out of town for the holidays. L’acajou has been open in the Woodminster neighborhood since February — the second location for the popular San Francisco bakery. Roder’s quick thinking to bring menus into Monaghan’s made for some happy NFL fans.

Around town: The term ‘coffee klatch’ goes back generations, but did you know it’s a German term meaning coffee and gossip? No wonder friends still meet today over a hot cup of Joe — there’s a lot to discuss. Take the Bench Gang, for instance. For 20 years, these friends have been meeting — first outside Royal Ground and now outside Peet’s.

“Even on a cold winter’s day, you will find four to 10 of us (George, Mary, Jaimie, Greg, Tee, Mike, Kathy and others) outside with our knit caps, gloves and scarfs on,” says Pat Tinsloy.

The old friends chew the fat about everything from politics (yes, they go there) to sports and travel. They’ve helped each other through good times and bad, says Tinsloy, “because we have created such a caring bond.”

Facebook friends: With all the negative news you hear about social media, here’s the upside: It can rekindle old friendships. Take readers Mary and Ben Feinberg, who had dinner recently with a couple they’d met 39 years ago at Alta Bates. They’d stayed friends, then lost touch but reunited on Facebook. And because they first met in Lamaze class, you can bet they knew how to breathe a sigh of relief when they “found” each other again.

Great night out: Saint Mary’s College has really stepped up its game when it comes to sports in McKeon Pavilion. Not only do fans see a top midmajor men’s basketball team, (Coach Randy Bennett recently won his 401st game as a Gael) the 3,500-seat arena now has a high-tech 48-foot video board for scores, highlights and dance cam footage that lets fans “ham it up” on the big screen.

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