A ‘Pop in’ to Jerry Brown’s Home in the Hills


Interior of the Browns’ home in the Oakland hills. After 10 years, Gov. Jerry Brown and Anne Gust Brown are putting the home up for sale. Its asking price is $2,595,000.

We’ve been neighbors for a decade, and we’re finally getting the nod to come over. Too bad there’s nobody home. Still, it’s fun to pop into Gov. Jerry Brown and Anne Gust Brown’s house on Skyline Boulevard. On the market for almost $2.6 million, four families could live in this four-level home if it weren’t for the parking and zoning.
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Town Crier: Rare painting found behind mirror fetches $39,000


This newly discovered painting by Elliot Daingerfield titled “TwiligHt” was sold at auction Sunday at Oakland’s Clars Auction Gallery for $39,325 — over four times the estimated price.

Montclarion: April 22, 2016

It’s the stuff of movies — a rare painting found hidden behind the backing of a mirror. It happened recently, at Oakland’s Clars Auction Gallery. Continue reading

Town Crier: Meet Montclair 4-H’s “kids” at fundraiser


Andy Hawkey is the dairy goat leader for the Montclair 4-H Club and her goats just had babies. The goats will be featured at the Montclair 4-H’s April 30 “Meet and Bleat” fundraiser.

MONTCLARION: April 15, 2016

There’s a mom in Montclair who has 25 kids. Really. Andy Hawkey is the dairy goat leader for the Montclair 4-H Club and the goats in her charge just had babies. Black kids, brown kids, little gray and cocoa kids. These fuzzy critters are tottering all over the pen. Continue reading