A Sports Leader


For a guy they called “motormouth” in middle school, Brian Murphy seems HR_bryan_3005ideally suited for his job. He’s the morning co-host at KNBR-AM, 680.
But even a sports fanatic like Murphy never thought he’d end up on San Francisco’s leading sports radio station. In fact, when he got the call to do fill-in (Murphy was working the golf beat at the San Francisco Chronicle at the time), he told management he had no idea how to do radio.
“All I’m going to do is talk like I normally talk,” Murphy says he told them, “and you guys are either going to like it or not.”
Five years later, Murphy is as comfortable as an old catcher’s mitt in his gig as the morning co-host with Paul McCaffrey.
But chewing the fat with fans and players is just part of this Oakland dad’s weekday lineup. He writes a Monday sports column for Yahoo and is putting the wraps on his second book, about Tiger Wood’s first year at Stanford.
Then there’s the little “tiger” that he and his wife, Candace, are raising—a toddler named Declan who is already immersed in a world of baseball, football and golf. Expectations are high for this little guy, who already has his own putter, courtesy of a listener who works in a pro shop.
“Poor kid,” laughs Murphy. “He’ll probably wind up being a classical pianist after he burns out on daddy’s sports.”


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