Riding KCBS Posse


In the shadowy hours before dawn, when most of us are logging our last BungerBitker23REMs, two intrepid Alamedans are rolling down the highway, engaged in a lively debate about the day’s unfolding events. It’s a commute fueled by coffee and chatter that only two veteran broadcasters can generate.
KCBS-AM, 740, and KCBS-FM, 106.9, morning anchors Stan Bunger and Steve Bitker have been sharing a ride to their San Francisco studio for almost two years. Talk about a friendship of convenience—they even live near each other on Harbor Bay.
“We realized that we would be arriving at work at the same time, and I have a coveted parking place in the KCBS garage,” Bunger says, “so it made sense.”
The morning routine includes a pit stop at Starbucks, where everyone knows their names. Bunger scans the front page of The New York Times while the milk is being frothed.
“Until we started carpooling,” he says, “my routine had been to listen to KCBS on the way in and do a bunch of strange vocal exercises to warm up my vocal cords.” Now, he says, he and his sportscaster “yak” all the way, and their voices are ready to go when they turn on the mikes.
It’s a match made in heaven for two veteran broadcasters whose friendship extends beyond the broadcast booth. “Stan’s the ideal commute partner,” says Bitker. “We’re both punctual, and we converse well together, so the time flies.”
Next time you’re up at that hour—look for their car. It’s the one with the fogged-up windows.


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