Town Crier: What a Mother needs

MONTCLARION- May 7, 2010

We’re coming up on Mother’s Day – the mother of all weekends for chocolate, flowers and spa treatments. Would it be too much to ask for all three?

In my dreams, I’m floating on a bed of chocolate and rose petals, being massaged. An hour goes by, then two – and two more – and I have achieved a state of Nirvana. Suddenly, I understand the meaning of life. My skin is like that of a Goddess and I radiate goodness and light…

There is a place in Montclair that offers this dreamy treatment. Melt Massage (2070 Antioch Court), through the little green gate next to Peet’s Coffee. Owner Hana Levin has the hands of a surgeon and the heart of a care-giver. In fact, she spent a year as a volunteer hospice masseuse, and sees a four hour massage as a way to do deep, restorative body work.

Can you imagine being rubbed and oiled for an entire afternoon? Can the laundry wait until evening? Can someone else cook dinner? These are difficult questions for any woman, but for a mother – they’re especially poignant. I know I’d be willing to give up control if it meant reaching a higher state of consciousness. A four hour massage? Yes. I will take it. For the good of the family and the world.

Big fix: It’s springtime and a pothole repair crew is coming to a neighborhood near you. Oakland Public Works starts its seasonal pothole project on May 8, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you’ve ruined your alignment on a section of road that resembles a moon crater, call the City at 510-615-5566 or send an e-mail to Don’t forget to include the cross street.

Crime beat: Another Craigslist scam is operating in Oakland. It involves victims who respond to For Sale ads, only to be robbed when they get to their designated meeting place. To be on the safe side, police say never agree to meet sellers (or buyers) in secluded areas and never travel with large amounts of cash. To report crimes of this kind, call 510-238-3349.

Talking points: Congratulations to Kate Drew and Carey Appeldorn, the Bishop O’Dowd High School debate duo who just won the California State Tournament. Their topic was U-S aid to Israel and proud dad Mike Drew says winning was quite an accomplishment for a program that’s been in existence for only two years at O’Dowd. Credit coach Jon Thorpe, too, for a job well done.

Photos and fur: Grab your goats, collect your chickens and pack up your pups for Reenie Raschke’s “Unleashed” photo shoot. The owner of The Studio in Montclair is having $50 sessions on May 22 and 23, with the proceeds going to The Montclair Veterinary Hospital Wildlife Rescue. All non-threatening animals are invited, and Reenie has rsvps from a plethora of pets including a pig, a tortoise and a cockatiel. It’s all part of a 3-day event at her new Oakland Hills studio, which culminates in a big wine mixer, sans pets, on the 24th. Reserve your spot on her website at

Got news? You can reach Ginny Prior by phone at 510-273-9418, by email at or on the web at Follow Ginny on Twitter at


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