Wanted: Volunteers for Big Acting Role

MONTCLARION: April 22, 2011

Wanted: Volunteer victims to act out the role of folks injured in a major earthquake. It’s not Shakespeare, but it could lead to the performance of a lifetime.

On April 30, CORE (Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies) is holding its sixth annual citywide drill. The purpose is to practice neighborhood evacuations and communication techniques in the event of a “big one.”

The recent disasters in Japan have shown us that most victims are saved, not by first responders, but by neighbors helping neighbors.

Does your neighborhood have an emergency plan in place? CORE training can help get you ready. See what it’s all about by volunteering to be part of the disaster drill next weekend. Kaity Booth is the CORE coordinator and can be reached at core@oaklandnet.com.

CRIME STORY: More frustration over burglaries in the hills. Reader Elaine Deutsch says the thieves who broke into her house left two sets of fingerprints and she got a description of the vehicle — she saw it speed down the street — but when she called police she was told to just file a report online.

“I was so angry that I wrote to Mayor Quan,” she says. “What did I get in response? A form letter from Chief Batts, telling me I had to protect my home better.”

Deutch is miffed because she already has deadbolts and a working alarm.

“I was totally insulted that, in response to my complaint, I was told it was basically my fault,” she said.

EMAIL BAG: Mail continues to pour in regarding neighborhood efforts to get tougher vicious dog laws on the books in Oakland. Reader Carol Nickisher says she moved here recently from the “dog-unfriendly” city of Seattle and was delighted to find tail-wagging dogs on the “wonderful off-leash trails in Redwood Park.” She says that when dogs are aggressive, the owner is usually to blame.

“I urge you not to push for tougher ‘vicious’ dog laws,’ ” she writes, “but to use your column to educate the public, to encourage responsibility, (and) to advise owners not to let dogs run loose “…”

On the flip side, reader Outi Gould says so many dog owners violate the leash laws on the Montclair Railroad Trail that it’s no longer a pleasant place to walk. Gould says some dog owners even “turn nasty” when they are asked politely to put their dogs back on leash.

Reader Liz Klute says the lack of compliance on the Railroad Trail has forced her to change her dog-walking routine.

“Not all off-leash dogs on the trail are out of control, but many are and it’s enough for me to seek out other places to walk my dog,” she said.

ZOO DOO: Folks are jumping for joy at the birth of young Joey, the new baby “roo” at the zoo (see photo on page’s upper left). The marsupial had a “coming out” party this week, so to speak, when he finally appeared after several months of undercover feedings in mama’s pouch. Even though Joey was born blind and hairless, his future looks pretty bright. There are seven girl wallaroos for just three boys at the Oakland Zoo.


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