Town Crier: Klay’s a king in Montclair Village

MONTCLARION: January 20, 2016

One day soon, I’m going to plant myself on a bench in Montclair with a clear view of the Village. My mission, should I choose to accept it (and of course I will) is to find Klay Thompson.

Reconnaissance was never part of my job description, but how hard can it be? After all, everyone else seems to spot Klay with ease. The taller half of the Golden State Warriors’ “Splash Brothers”eats in Montclair, shops in Montclair, and generally goes about his business as if he were an average Joe.

He’s been spotted in the bank and the yogurt shop. He’s been seen in the Montclair Egg Shop surrounded by autograph-seeking kids. Fans have snapped his photo at the Subway — where he reportedly buys a sandwich before every home game. And one reader even exchanged “waz up’s” with Klay at the register in Rite Aid.

Me? I’ve had to settle for watching the hoop star on TV. But something tells me we’ll be exchanging high fives soon. After all, they say winter is the best time for star gazing.

Book it: If El Niño has you hunkering down with a good book or two, you’ll be interested in this. The Friends of the Montclair Library are bringing in two popular authors in the coming months at the Montclair Branch Library, 1687 Mountain Blvd. On Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m., Gary Kamiya, the San Francisco Chronicle columnist who writes “Portals of the Past,” will talk about his book “Cool Gray City of Love, 49 Views of San Francisco.” On March 1 at 6:30 p.m., it’s the popular mystery writer Cara Black, discussing her latest Aimee Leduc novel — “Murder on the Champ de Mars.”

Around town: Village people. That’s what you’ll see if you land the job as a part-time attendant at the city-owned Montclair parking garage. Operations manager Ted Williams says she’s looking for just the right person to replace David Peterson, who retired recently after 18 years of working the booth. “We are family here,” Tee says. “We know 95 percent of the customers who drive through, so it’s important to greet them with a smile.” If you’re interested in applying for the 20-hour-a-week job, stop by the parking garage.

Meanwhile, across the street there’s a new second-floor business called Reactive Moment, 6200 La Salle Ave., which uses Pilates and therapeutic exercises to help customers with chronic pain, posture and balance problems and other issues with movement. The downstairs shop has been empty for two years, but the Montclair Business Association is endorsing an interested party — a boutique ballet school for toddlers and kids called Tutu. The owner already has a Walnut Creek location.

Street buzz: Word has it that Starbucks is still negotiating with the Raimondi family over the possible lease of that prime empty spot at Mountain Boulevard and La Salle Avenue. The family has reportedly paid to seal up the floor and any lead left from the days when it was a paint store. The ball, it seems, is in Starbucks court. Meanwhile, Starbucks’ tiny outlet next to Chase Bank gets so crowded, the fogged windows make it look like they’re operating a steam room in there.

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