Town Crier: This summer camp will help adults unplug

MONTCLARION: January 27, 2016

It’s the end of January. How are those New Year’s resolutions going? If one is to spend less time on the Internet, there’s help on the way. Digital Detox ( is an Oakland organization devoted to wrenching people away from their electronic devices and reintroducing them to good old face-to-face interaction.

One of the ways they help humans unplug is through Camp Grounded, a summer camp for adults. Why should kids have all the fun? This four-day camp offers sing-a-longs, S’mores and even camp pranks. The experience has already grabbed the attention of the New York Times, ABC’s “Good Morning America” and other media outlets.

Rules at the camp are strictly enforced. No cell phones, laptops, tablets or any other soul-sucking devices to which you were heretofore tethered.

And never mind separation issues — you’ll be too busy expressing yourself with arts, crafts and team sports like capture the flag and stilt walking with partners. It just goes to prove that even in the shadow of the Silicon Valley — you can go back in time.

Email bag: The folks fighting the not-so-friendly skies over the East Bay have formed a coalition. Save Our Skies East Bay has sent a letter to airport officials and local politicians voicing opposition to the FAA’s new flight patterns, which have planes flying at lower elevations into and out of Oakland International Airport and SFO. The group says the so-called superhighway is causing stress and sleepless nights for residents under the flight paths. They’re demanding, among other things, that the FAA scrap its NextGen flight paths and go back to the previous plan.

Around town: Thanks to the reader who took time to call and share her thoughts on a longtime Montclair Village business. The Hallmark store changed hands about a year ago, and she says the new owners are very nice and welcoming and that she’ll patronize the store more often.

Yes, the Village is full of kind merchants. I especially love the enthusiasm at the meat and seafood counter at Lucky’s. The other day I had three freshly grilled shrimp — prepared just as a free treat for customers. I’m also a fan of the weekend parking lot barbecues.

Looking forward: Just when it feels everything’s changing, along comes a comforting anniversary. The Woodminster Summer Musicals turn 50 this season, celebrating with something silly, something sweet and something Shrek. “Shrek the Musical” is one of my favorites. The message is kind, inclusive and fun for every generation.

Speaking of blasts from the past, the countdown has already begun for the 50th anniversary of San Francisco’s “Summer of Love.” It was forty-nine years ago, this month, that the Human Be-In began in Golden Gate Park. It was an unusually warm day (that may help explain the lack of clothing) in San Francisco — a metaphor for the sunshine and smiles that spread virally around the world. Coincidentally, or not, the famed Psychedelic Shop opened around the same time in the Haight Ashbury … and is still blowing minds today.

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